SIS Model 3

Sports Info Solutions is the most trusted data and analytics source by Major League Baseball teams. SIS works with 25-of-30 MLB teams to deliver Baseball Operations staffs with resources that are essential to their success and decision-making.

In addition to pioneering the Sabermetrics revolution in baseball over the past 15 years, John Dewan and the SIS Research & Development team have developed a DFS algorithm that incorporates a vast amount of their proprietary data. Each offseason, the model is tested, reviewed, and enhanced. For the 2018 season, SIS presents its most advanced version yet – SIS Model 3.

The Sports Info Solutions DFS model is based off a player projection system devised by Dewan and Bill James. Model 3 has been built to consider an extensive list of player-specific information and elements that affect daily performance based on game conditions, while also incorporating proprietary Defensive-Independent Batting and Pitching Statistics (DIBS/DIPS).