Industry-leader in baseball data collection and analytics for nearly two decades, SIS began applying the same techniques and principles to the gridiron in 2015. Over that short time, the SIS football brand has established itself as a key resource to NFL front offices for its in-depth data collection and cutting-edge research.

In addition to the role they play in pro team circles, SIS also stands out as the main NFL data provider for RotoGrinders and the official College Football data provider for ESPN.

2018 marks the fourth season that SIS has produced fantasy football projections – analyzing and improving their model every step of the way. The SIS staff is made up of football experts who input knowledge from a variety of professional backgrounds including pro scouting, research, fantasy analysis and sports forecasting.

Advancing the state of football analytics is their primary objective and SIS confidently puts forth “NFL-IQ” as their recipe for a consistent fantasy football edge.

NFL-IQ – Sports Info Solutions Weekly NFL Projections