With the launch of its Daily Marketplace, RotoGrinders is bringing "a la carte" to daily fantasy content. With Daily Marketplace, you'll be able to choose between customized premium research packages from some of the brightest minds in DFS. Packages will include advanced models (for example, The BAT by Derek Carty), in-depth premium articles, premium video offerings, direct chat sessions, and much more.

If you've ever wanted to purchase premium content for the short term, or if you've if you've ever wanted to give any of the premium content offered at RotoGrinders a trial run before committing for a full year, now's your chance to try the Daily Marketplace and purchase premium content in smaller doses.

You've got questions, I'm sure. I'll try to tackle a few of the more obvious ones here.

Where did the idea for the Daily Marketplace come from?

You. Or, maybe not  you personally, but the Daily Marketplace originated as a result of our receiving tons of requests from RotoGrinders members for daily or weekly premium offerings. Let's face it: it can be tough to pay up front for a service for an entire year. Plus, sometimes it's nice to just try something. Interested in trying out NASCAR DFS, but not sure you'll stick with it once NBA season starts (well, maybe that's just me)? For $9.99 per week, you can have access to NASCAR content from one of the best minds out there in StevieTPFL (seriously - this guy goes to like _every_ race. He knows his stuff.).

The end goal is to get content in your hands in a way that's more convenient and efficient for you.

How much does it cost?

That depends. More prices will become available as more offerings become available. But the important thing to remember is that, since the Daily Marketplace offers content on a daily or weekly basis, you'll be able to save money and only purchase content for the days or slates you want to play.

The Daily Marketplace is very much a work in progress. We've recently added a lot more offerings and we've got more in the works. Details are on the way.

We're open to feedback and suggestions (in fact, we WANT feedback and suggestions). We want this launch period to be really interactive, and if you've got an idea for a sport or type of content you'd like offered in the Marketplace, we're all ears.

I'm one of the brightest minds in DFS. How can I sell my content?

Well, first, you should be more humble. And second, we're working on that, but if you have a premium package you'd like to sell in the Marketplace, "email Marketplace@RotoGrinders.com for more information. The Marketplace will be an extremely interactive, extremely efficient way for expert Grinders to begin selling their content and making money from their fantasy know-how. We'll take care of the technical work, which will allow you to focus on producing innovative, high-quality content.

Where can I find it?

On the tab at the top of RotoGrinders' home page, you'll find the Marketplace button, or you can head there from this link: https://rotogrinders.com/marketplace

*We think that a la carte premium fantasy content can be a super valuable way for Grinders to try out new sports and sample content from some of the savviest daily fantasy players in the industry. We're super excited about the Daily Marketplace, and we hope you are, too!*

-Josh Cole (mewhitenoise)