What are the requirements for an event to qualify for the RotoGrinders Rankings?

As of 10/5/2015, we only count Tournaments and Satellites with prize pools of $10,000 or more that also have a minimum of 10 players. Three man leagues, heads up games, 50/50’s, doubles ups, and multipliers are among the game types that are not included in the Rankings. We hope to collect a more robust set of data in the future, but with current data collection limitations we can at the present time only focus on tournaments that are publicly available in the lobby.
How Do you Calculate the Rankings?

There are two aspects that go into the rankings:

Aspect 1) Your individual contest wins in the top 20% of the field and

Aspect 2) Diversity factor multipliers for playing multiple sites and sports.

Step 1: Individual Contest Results

Each individual contest result is plugged into the following formula.
Points = (BuyIn * Entrants)3/5 / PlaceFinished3/5
This is an exponential distribution that awards more points at the top of the curve where place finished is high, and successively fewer points at the base of the curve where place finished is low: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_distribution
Results Criteria: RotoGrinders only receives winning results, so if you finished in the top 20% but didn’t get a prize, you won’t get leaderboard points. If you won a prize but did not finish in the top 20% – which will happen often in a 50/50 – you also won’t get leaderboard points.
If I Enter a Multi-Entry Contest Multiple Times, How Many of My Cashes Count Towards the Rankings?

Same as the TPOY Rankings, you can only have one event per contest count towards your Rankings total. Your highest finish will be the result that counts.

Step 2: Diversity Factor

You are then awarded a diversity bonus by applying a “Diversity Bonus” to each eligible contest score. The Diversity bonus awards a 5%, 15%, 20%, etc. increase for your second, third, etc. sport such that you are awarded for showing dominance across multiple sports.
Time Period

The Overall leaderboard counts a user’s results from the past 365 Days (1 year). Our Overall Rankings rank the best Grinders currently playing in the industry, awarding Grinders who are both consistently and currently performing the best.
Calculation Frequency

Overall Leaderboard – Updates Weekly
Monthly Leaderboards – Update Daily
Sports Leaderboards – Update Weekly (MLB on Thursdays, NBA on Fridays)
Player of the Year Race – Updates Daily


Why doesn’t RotoGrinders utilize a Return on Investment (ROI) rankings model?

In compliance with privacy concerns issued by the major Daily Fantasy sites, we only receive a player’s winning results. We have created what we are confident is the best rankings system based on given constraints.

This is what RotoGrinders.com is all about! Our mission, is to grow the Daily Fantasy games industry into the most prosperous and fun sector of online gaming. Thanks for being a part of the growth of this revolutionary and fun industry!

Do Live Event Qualifiers Count Towards My Results?

Yes, as of 2015. Initially we did not count live qualifier results but changed our minds as qualifiers and live tournaments became a more steady and important part of the daily fantasy tournament landscape. A live qualifier win is a big dea and we want to make sure players are properly awarded. The actual “Live Final” results will be manually added and adjusted to our results database after the Live Final event has concluded. All players in a “Live Final” will receive rankings points.

How are Qualifier-Only Live Events counted towards the Rankings?

Live Finals are graded by artificially shifting the number of entrants such that all finalists are pushed into the top 20% of the field, allowing all finalists to receive GLB points

Do Freerolls Count Towards My Results?

No. Freerolls do not count towards the Results as they don’t have a buy-in.

Which scores show up on my Biggest Scores section of my profile page?

As of November 1st, 2016 due to server limitations we only list your top scores are either one of your top eight scores over the past rolling calendar year and scores that are greater than 1,000 pts in value or a GPP win in fields of 1,000 or more entrants.