Starting in January of 2016, RotoGrinders introduced Tiered rankings that groups players into weight classes based upon a players average buy-in (limited to their single, best qualifying score, per tournament). Scores for these rankings are tallied from tournaments that have prize pools greater than $10,000 and do not include live final results. Weight classes were chosen based on a combination of natural buy-in divisions and exponential distribution. The higher the weight class, the fewer the number of members.

Your tier is defined as your average buy-in, counting only one entry per contest such that if you multi-enter 10 entries in a $1 buy-in tournament, that would only count as one entry against your average buy-in for tier categorization. For example, you could have 100 entries in a $1 tournament and 1 entry in a $100 tournament and your average buy-in would be $50.50 ($101/2).

Time range for the Tiered rankings is the last sliding 365 days, and sport diversity bonuses are factored into point totals in the same manner as our overall Grinders Rankings. Tiers are divided into the following groups:

What is the theory behind this system?

This system was initially modeled after the formula used for the Online Poker Rankings, which our team formulated back in 2005. After Beta testing, many heated discussions and way too many spreadsheets from Riley, the system was modified and adapted until we found the best current fit for Daily Fantasy Sports (keeping in mind we only incorporate winning results). We will continuously evolve and improve our system as needed to ensure that it is the best ranking system for Daily Fantasy Sports players in the world.

The RotoGrinders Rankings rewards contestants for competing in larger buy-in tournaments, tournaments with larger fields, and those players that are winning over the long-term of the industry. Any player can enter our rankings, maybe even make a splash and rise to the top for a period of timeā€¦but only top Grinders will consistently stay there.